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About Us

Stockingford Community Centre began life as the local Scout hut and St John meeting place on this site many years ago. But the 'huts' gradually became more dilapidated and in 1993 the Cubs made an appeal for funds to make repairs. A successful bid was made to the Warwickshire County Council Community Development Fund for £10,000 and whilst the repairs were in progress, it was discovered that the Arbury Ward area had access to approximately £105,000 Section 106 Money (which was money received from property developers), and an approach was made to the councillors with regard to allocating this money to the building of the new centre.

A further £40,000 was obtained from Warwickshire County Council from the sale of Honiley Hall.

St John also joined in the cause and secured £10,000 from their organisation.

A partnership of Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, Warwickshire County Council, the Scout Organisation and St John was formed to take forward a project to build a new community centre.

A number of people from the groups, together with volunteers from the local community established a Committee to develop the building project. However, it soon became clear that the £165,000 raised would not be enough to meet the aspirations of the groups and community, and although Lottery funding was not forthcoming, other pockets of money were eventually identified (with conditions attached), and finally £240,000 was raised.

It took five years to get through the development stage, and in 1998 a builder was appointed who undertook the project, completing construction the following year, late in 1999.

The first year of opening was a difficult one, and some groups were unsuccessful and others not forthcoming, and so in 2001 Nuneaton & Bedworth Council recognised that the building was not being used to it's full potential and appointed a full time and part time administrator, and gave power to the management committee to help develop the centre.

It was an enormous task and was only made possible by the drive and tenacity of a small group of people assisted by council officers. The centre changed it's name in 2005 from Vale View to Stockingford Community Centre to more aptly reflect the area that the centre serves.

The centre continues to thrive and is still very active in 2019. Centre users, Committee members and the local council are still passionate about continuing the success of the centre for the benefit of the people in the local area and beyond and are hopeful that the centre will remain a hub of the community for years to come.

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