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Fridays 5.00 - 6.00 Stage Fright (all ages beginners acting class)

Stage Fright has been running for many years at the wonderful Community Centre. The group are a mixture of various ages and abilities. The friendly group are most talented and work well as a team to achieve through creativity.

Express Yourself PA is a community outreach drama classes run by Miss Kay Stone. Kay aims to help those with a creative flair to enhance their talents and enjoy a creative outlet. Kay teaches a variety of performing arts techniques and encourages her pupils to add their own ideas into each show. She believes everyone should be given the opportunity to shine and to showcase their talents however big or small. "There is no need for huge sets, lightening and visual effects. A play can be performed in any space".

Express Yourself PA

Call - 07533 414260

Facebook - '' Express Yourself PA''


12th February 2022



(over the years)

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